Greyfos provides strategic environmental advisory and implementation support services. Among other things, we offer the following services customized to the needs of the client enabling them reduce their costs:

Getting statutory approvals for businesses and projects e.g. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) license; Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) Permits; Registration of Workplaces; and so much more.
Conducting ESIA plus Environmental and Social Impact Audits (ESAs).
Drafting of ESIA and ESA reports
General review of ESIA and ESA reports
Data collection and interpretation for ESIA and ESA reports
Assessment of compliance of ESIA and ESA reports with EMCA Act of 1999; IFC Standards and Equator Principles.
Development of Environmental Policy; Occupational Safety Health Policy.
Developing Environmental Social Management Framework (ESMF) for proposed projects
Conducting environmental due diligence on projects